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  The Truth About Stress Challenging Depression and Despair Playing on their Nerves Sportsmen under Stress  

Stress’ and depression – a radical shake-up, supported by science and stats

Cerebral Climaxes – why do all our leisure pursuits have climaxes?  Because the brain gets off on them.  Exciting original research.


Challenging Depression & Despair (How To Books 2011)
a series of challenges to rout depression, based on the author’s highly successful no-nonsense training course for the long-term unemployed

The Truth About Stress (Grove Atlantic 2006/2009).
The lid off the ‘stress’ industry offering 440 pages of evidence of harm to public health. Exposé of calming ‘stress management’ – its concept, provenance, theory, practice and science. Shortlisted for MIND 2007 Book of the Year Award

Sportsmen under Stress (Stanley Paul 1986).
Modern spectator sport seen not as a physical skills contest but as a ruthlessly efficient experiment on competitors’ minds. Based on interviews with top sportsmen and selected by John Goodbody as one of The Times’ Sports Books of the Year

Playing On Their Nerves: The Sport Experiment (Stanley Paul 1979) – One of Britain’s first sports psychology books. ‘There is something riveting on most every page’ – Frank Keating, Guardian. ‘Has never been bettered in its field.’ – Clive Everton, snooker broadcaster. Selected for The Good Book Guide.



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