Sex Tips for Dogs


The ‘ghosted’ manifesto of the world’s foremost authority on canine sexual politics. Said a defiant Barker in the pre-publication press release: “If they ban my book, I’ll go to the gutter press with something fouler!” They did ban it. “PAW TASTE DOGGY LOVE BOOK IS BANNED. Passionate pooches with a bent to improve their chances with the opposite sex are feeling frustrated. For book shops have BANNED a saucy ‘Kama Sutra’ for dogs... A catalogue of kinky canine capers.” - The Star. “Should prompt similar outbreaks of apoplexy among members of the Kennel Club as her Gatting book has done in the Long Room at Lord’s.” - The Standard. (Actually there was very little in the book that was seedy. It was an uproarious character-driven work on the theme of dogs breeding in order to outnumber humans and achieve power.)


Stanley Pul, 1988.
ISBN13 9780091737177 | ISBN1O 0091737176

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