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This blog is a terrier area because Owen is a Parson Russell Terrier. He is not sure why he is called a ‘Parson Russell Terrier’ and thinks it could be because his legs are shaped like parsnips. So he has asked to be known as ‘Owen Parsnip’ from now on, to avoid confusion.

He is also a log dog, and likes to carry tree trunks about in his teeth that are hundreds of times bigger than he is. Being a log dog carries heavy responsibilities. He has to turn sideways with his logs to get them through narrow gaps in hedges and over bridges, requiring exceptional strength and skill. He once tried to get a particularly hefty one through the front door and knocked his owner on the head with it when she tried to get it out of his teeth.

Owen Parsnip is exceptional in other ways. He has written his own 60,000-word book about a Very Great Thing that happened to him and his canine friends that could have changed the entire world. His book is epic. It is unlike any other dog book you’ve ever come across because it’s a cross between two different things, rather like a mongrel. Plus it might make you cross if you don’t have a sense of humour. It certainly made Owen Parsnip cross when he found out he won’t be getting any royalties.

You can read episodes from it on this blog. It will be written in pee-mails, which are the dog equivalent of emails, but don’t worry about that. You’ll be able to decipher it OK. And you’ll sit back and say, ‘My word, I’m nearly as clever as that dog Owen Parsnip’ (he told me to put this).

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The Dog Revolution – the quirkiest 60,000 -word dog book ever written – canine Das Kapital meets canine Kama Sutra - a satire upon bipeds with a loveable hero



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