Leading From the Front:
The Autobiography of Mike Gatting, with Mike Gatting


The Number One Bestseller the TCCB tried to ban for which Gatting received a record £5000 fine, and the real reason why he lost the England captaincy. Chapter 16, Gatt’s version of events in Pakistan, was transposed into third person by AP in a last ditch attempt to save the England captain’s head. The “Gattcatcher” book for which the England players were prepared to strike, and of which Ian Botham said, “Freedom of speech is at stake... That’s what my father fought for in the Second World War.” “A good, rollicking and wholly impolitic read... addresses the central question of whether England cricket should continue to be managed on Incan lines - making captains sungods for a while before subjecting them to public sacrifice.” - The Independent. “One of the most controversial memoirs of recent years. It could hold the secret to the question: what ails English cricket?” - South African Sports Illustrated.

MacDonald Queen Anne Press, 1988.
ISBN13 9780356156729 | ISBN1O 0356156729 | ISBN1O 0708837786


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