on dogs


With BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year Natalie Mascall
and greyhound Rocket

Tilly the lurcher takes a close look at Doggerel


AP lives with a Parson Russell Terrier in a small village in Essex and has produced several books on dogs and dog welfare.

Doggerel (Springhill 2010), a collection of verse character sketches of fifty rescue dogs, with mugshots, sold in aid of the Association of Dogs' and Cats' Homes.

Your Natural Dog, the ‘wholemeal’ approach to dog care, with welfare the main priority and homoeopathic vet Tim Couzens providing the medical advice

Sex Tips for Dogs, a polemical treatise on supplanting the human race through mass reproduction, by mad mongrel Randy Barker.

The Mongrel, the first-ever care and control book for mongrel owners, with Angela, in her capacity as one of the organisers of Europe’s biggest mongrel show, Scruffts, putting the case for nature’s designer dogs.

Your Natural Dog
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